Monthly Archives: September 2010


Let’s assume you created slides in the past with embedded graphics/images. Years later you want to re-use some graphics, but all you have got at hand is the PDF version. How could you extract the embedded graphics in high quality?

The solution is to convert the PDF to TIFF slide by slide, and use GIMP to edit the graphics. The following command will convert the PDF to TIFF file. The echo-piping is used to get around the page-wise confirmation.

echo | gs -sDEVICE=tiff32nc -r300 -sOutputFile=slideshow.tiff slideshow.pdf

Make Project Creator

Did you ever wish something which allows you to declare inter-dependencies between C/C++ source files and let you compile with GCC or MSVC, or even exotic compilers? If so, you should take a look at the  Make Project Creator (MPC) hosted by the TAO project. MPC defines a simple  syntax to define inter-dependencies between source files, and can be transformed into the appropriate formats for GMAKE/GCC or MSVC. If I find some time, I will write something in more detail about it.