Welcome to my blog of Frehberg IT

I’m a professional software engineer since 2001, active in OpenSource projects since 1994, and software developer since 1985 (age 13).

You can hire me for projects as for

  • Mobile Apps & Services (C/C++, Rust, Java, Python, PHP, WSO2)
  • IT-Security Consulting (PKI-Integration, Multicast Security, VoIP, Firewalls, Smartcards)
  • Security & Virtualization on embedded devices (L4)
  • Messaging/Middleware (WSO2-ESB, JAX-WS/RS/B, ZeroMQ, DDS, RT-CORBA, SOAP, MQTT)
  • Code-Generator (CORBA-IDL, WSDL, WASM)
  • Testing (System-Testing, Unit-Testing, CI)
  • Massive Parallel Pogramming (MPI, SHMEM)
  • High-Availability
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • Android Customization
  • High-Performance Computing (MPI)
  • Database Performance Analysis

Email: info@frehberg.com
Phone: +49-173-205-71-18