Flutter not suitable for RaspberryPI 3B+

Flutter seems to be a nice GUI framework to create portable GUIs for all kinds of systems, such as Win, Desktop-Linux, Android, iPhone. Just the latest version doesn’t seem suitable for RaspberryPI 3B+ (1GB RAM) based Linux systems.

I wasn’t even able to produce a native GUI app for RP3B+ at all. The initial set up of Flutter environment on RaspberryPI 3B+ failed already, running out of memory (RAM). And AFAICS the underlying dart compiler does not support cross compilation yet, therefor it is not possible to execute the flutter/dart compiler on amd64 to produce native code for RP3B+/ARMv8.

Flutter seems to be nice for systems with 4GB of RAM or more, but Flutter doesn’t seem suitable for devices such as the RaspberryPI 3B+, providing 1GB of RAM “only”.