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LibreOffice – Import Cisco Network Icons to Gallery

Cisco Network Icons are available for download as Zip-file (Use the Search Engine of your choice to find this Zip-file), containing the icons as EPS. We want to use these icons in LibreOffice to create network diagrams.

Each of these EPS-files contains a preview TIFF image of low resolution, that would be used for import into LibreOffice-Gallery. Just, these TIFF images would result in diagrams of low quality. Instead one should convert each EPS-file into a high-quality, scalable SVG-file, being imported to the LibreOffice Gallery.

So, after unzipping all EPS-files into a folder, use the following script to iterate all EPS-files of the local folder, to convert each EPS-file to a high-quality, scalable SVG.

Finally, use “New Theme” of the “Gallery” to create a new theme and import all SVG-icons to it. Now, when you add such icon to your diagram, additional glue-points can be added to each icon to connect “Connectors” to it (lines following the icon when being moved around)

for epsfile in *.eps; do 
   echo "${epsfile}"
   ps2pdf -dEPSCrop "${epsfile}" - | pdftocairo -svg - "${epsfile}.svg"