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New Intel Tiger Lake CPU still suffering Meltdown & Spectre

Just came across an ad for the new Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen9, containing an Intel Tiger Lake CPU . This notebook looks interesting to me. I thought, this might replace my aging notebook. And as usual I checked the promoted internal CPU for the security vulnerabilities Specte & Meltdown: https://meltdownattack.com/.

I checked the list of affected CPUs: https://software.intel.com/security-software-guidance/processors-affected-transient-execution-attack-mitigation-product-cpu-model

I must tell you, I am very disappointed! The X1 Carbon Gen9 contains a the Intel CPU family “Tiger Lake”, still being listed as “affected processor” by the Specte & Meltdown security vulnerability!

Unbelievable!! Intel did not manage to release a Spectre & Meltdown proof CPU within 3 years!

Well, as it seems, waiting for a notebook containing a Spectre & Meltdown proof CPU, I will never purchase any notebook containing the CPU family Tiger Lake. Probably I will have to wait way way longer for Intel to fix this security vulnerability in future CPUs 🙁